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Data Science Open Day

This group coaching roundtable is for the HR practioneers, COOs and executives who wants to learn how to support their organizations to adopt Big Data. What you will learn

  1. The benefits of getting into big data as an organisation and developing a big data strategy
  2. What are the Skills Needed when hiring a Data Science Team and structure of organization to accommodate them.
  3. Where and how to source for Data Scientists.
  4. Upskilling, Retooling and Reskilling the workforce. How the workforce skills be improved to bridge the talent gap?
  5. Tools: Interview questions for Data Scientists and Organogram for Data Science teams.

Speaker: Stewart Samkange (Linkedln Talent Solution - Africa), Hartnell Ndungi (Data Officer Barclays Kenya Part of Absa)
Location: Nairobi


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